Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to promote personal and to reach each for transform with improving the way of living condition of the communities through the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

1. 24 hour Divine Healing Prayer Center for all the Nations.

2. Working with the all denominations peoples in Pakistan.

3. Church planting in all cities and villages in anywhere in Pakistan.

4. Miracle, Healing, Crusade Ministry.

5. Pastor Leadership Training Ministry School.

6. Bible College for the Pastor training.

7. Sunday school Ministry.

8. Free Bible Distribution Ministries.

9. Street Ministry, Travel Ministry, Women Ministry.

10. Youth Ministry, Jail Ministry.

11. Hospital free medicine Ministry.

12. For the non-Christian peoples Ministry.

13. Free education school for the poor & needy person.

14. Free computer centers for the needy & poor Christians.

15. Free food providing the poor and needy.

16. Swing centers for the poor girls & widows women.

17. Health centers in different areas of Pakistan.

18. Technical institute for the needy peoples.

19. Support the Pastors.

20. Television Ministry.



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