Founder & Director

Pastor Javed Niamat

Pastor Javed Niamat

I Javed Niamat founder & CEO of Divine Gospel Ministries since 2007. We are doing church work, evangelical work, and Social work. I did my Bachelorette in Arts in 1992 from Punjab University and did my Bachelorette in Computer Science from California Institue Lahore, Pakistan jn 2000.. After that i moved to Germany for higher studies and did my Master's in Sociology Bremen University , Germany. After moving back to Pakistan i started my own bussines and opened a pharmacy . Meanwhile i started social work and start running a school for poor and needy children. When i open my pharmacy one elder Pastor came to me and told me, my son you are young, and educated you should do something for your people. I replied him, "Pastor what can i do"? He told me to become a Pastor and help those who are in need. He also gave me the book Genesis and told me to read this daily. So i start reading that book, and one day after reading that book i went to sleep and at midnight i felt something. It was bright light and i heard a voice which instructed me to become a Pastor.

In the morning i woke and announced in my house that i am going to join Seminary. After listening this they all started laughing at me cause 20 years ago when my grandfather took me to United Pentecostal Seminary in Bahar Colony to become a Pastor. At that time i denied and told Grandfather that Pastors are beggars . But it's God who directs your path and after 20 years i joined Omega Pentecostal Bible school and my Bachelorette in Theology. And that my steppingstone towards become a man of God. Now me and my Wife serves Lord with whole mind, spirit and soul.

Pastor Shakeela Javed

I Pastor Shakeela Javed wife of Pastor Javed Niamat and Finance Secretary of Divine Gospel Ministries was a Registered Nurse in Sheikh Zayed Hospital. In 2011 when i was working night shift,

while i was working holy spirit came upon me and gave a verse Mathew 28:19-20 .

Then i went home and prayed to Lord on my knees. I told Lord your message is unclear for this little mind.

Then Lord told me to work for him and he selected me to spread his word in the whole world. I joined Assemblies Of God Seminary Lahore,

Pakistan. I completed my Bachelorette in Theology. After completing my BTH i decided to work for Lord . I resigned from my job and started serving the Lord.



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